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Elder Law is an area of legal practice typically concentrating on legal counseling for aging and special needs clients.

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Why Elder Law Lexington?

Our firm concentrates our practice to elder law and special needs counseling and estate planning. The firm has counseled hundreds of clients about Medicaid and long term care planning, Special Needs Planning, guardianship and VA benefits and currently serves as Trustee for the Kentucky Guardianship Association’s Pooled Special Needs Trust with over 200 special needs beneficiaries and more than 40 individual special needs trusts.

Our process begins with listening carefully to each client to determine their planning goals, their concerns and their particular circumstances. Our attorneys who work with the elderly and those with special needs bring more to our practice than expertise in elder law.

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Our Practice Areas

Medicaid Planning

Our goal is to save family resources from the expense of Long Term Care.

Special Needs Trusts

"Special Needs Planning” is trust-based estate planning.

When an individual lacks the legal capacity to make a rational decision.

Guardianship Counseling

United States veterans are entitled to many benefits.

Veteran Benefit Counseling

Nursing Home Planning

Nursing Home cost is the largest expense we face as we age.

The overall process by which a person’s estate is administered after his or her death.

Estate Administration

More than 20 years of experience behind us

  • Establish guardianship: We represent clients through all phases of the legal process involved with establishing a guardianship for an adult. This can be a challenging process as the respondent must endure a jury trial.

  • Fulfill your duties as a guardian: A guardian has a difficult task in executing decision-making power over the ward while allowing the ward to retain the highest amount of autonomy as possible.

  • Resolve guardianship disputes: Family disputes are common in the realm of guardianships. Proposed wards dispute the potential determination of incapacity and family members dispute the manner in which a guardian fulfills his or her duties.

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